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Best And Most Profitable Niches in 2018


I’ve been getting a lot of emails lately regarding the best and the most profitable niches to get into in 2018, so I decided to create this brief but detailed post about this hot subject. profitable niches in 2018

As you can see, I’ve included quite a few niches and their popular sub-categories or sub-niches that are extremely powerful and can potentially bring a lot of money if approached right. profitable niches in 2018

So, I want to kick off this list with the BIG 3 – the evergreen niches that were hot from the moment they appeared and that will be hot in the future because the constant need for the solutions in these 3 niches will never run out. People’s needs for these 3 are ever increasing, and so will they remain.

They are Health, Online Money Making, and Dating.

They may sound simple and overly broad to you, but each of these three is packed with powerful sub-niches that are worth billions of dollars!


This niche is barred none, the biggest one in the world. If you’re not suffering from a medical issue for which you need a cure or a natural treatment, you definitely are interested in maintaining or improving your health, looks, and well-being. This is why this niche represents a massive goldmine. It’s best to approach, however, through picking a perfect sub-niche, or even a sub-sub-niche, in order to be laser targeted and even more profitable.

So, here are some golden, evergreen, health sub-niches:

  1. Weight Loss – Everyone these days wants to look perfect, lose some weight, and look like ELLE magazine cover models and is ready to pay top dollar for a miracle pill or a miracle diet that will get them there fast.
  1. Weight Gain – On the other hand, there are people who find it extremely difficult to put on some weight. They both are ready to pay top dollar for pills and diets that will give them those extra few quality pounds.
  1. Diabetes – An ever-increasing health concern of the modern age has prompted an incredible amount of people to search for either prevention solutions or natural cures to this disease, with nutrition guides and diets, and natural supplements being the center of their search. profitable niches in 2018
  1. Muscle Building – Alright. This one is really massive since more and more both young and adults alike want to get jacked and look like the Men’s Health cover models. This is a vanity-powered niche, more so than a healthy lifestyle pursuit (although it can be approached from that standpoint), and is here to stay and grow. Being muscular and have an attractive physique seems to be becoming a new standard. For you, this is where the money is. CrazyBulk has a great line of high converting supplements that guys absolutely love.
  1. Diet – The variation of a weight-loss niche with a bit of a healthier spin and approach. People today don’t just diet to lose weight, but to have a healthier skin, be mentally fit, and so on. There are diets for everything nowadays, and if this is the type of niche that you might be interested in, there’s plenty of resources to draw from.
  1. Nutrition – Again. People today are getting more aware of the things they consume and put in their bodies. While diet and nutrition niches might be interchangeable, there are various approaches to nutrition as well. Bauer Nutrition has great converting products and 40% commissions.
  1. Getting Pregnant – This is another huge and extremely popular niche because more and more couples nowadays fight with infertility and are determined to have a child at all costs. So this niche is definitely worth looking into, with many fertility boosting products available on the market.
  1. Male enhancement – It’s no secret that size is something both men and women are equally obsessed with, even though many would say otherwise. So with the constant pressure to be better in bed, be bigger and perform better, it’s no secret the male enhancement market is flooded with products that promise to do something about it. It’s a huge market, and if it sounds like something you’d like to dive into, it’ll pay off. SizeGenetics is the best male enhancement device in the world with the largest number of satisfied customers, and 50% commissions!
  1. Depression – This one, unfortunately, is also one of the big markets. With the constant pressure of the modern living conditions, more complicated human relationships, people are getting more depressed each day, and it’s a fact. While a huge chunk of the population is on prescription meds, there is also a big part of them that’s interested in natural alternatives, be it supplements, herbs or techniques, and books, that may help ease the depression or cure it completely. A very profitable niche to get into. profitable niches in 2018
  1. Nootropics – This is a rather new market and a new niche, that has become popular literally overnight, especially after the release of a very popular movie on the topic, called Limitless. It’s a brain-power-boosting supplements niche, with a huge interest group, from students who want to learn faster to businessmen and executives who want to perform better. The market is still largely unregulated, since nootropics are neither ordinary supplements nor prescription drugs, so you have to be careful here. Nevertheless, the potential is enormous. Noocube is a great brain enhancing supplement you can promote.

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  1. An evergreen niche that is here to stay. More and more people, powered by a click-millionaire mindset, want to either supplement their income or switch to online money making business models altogether. The best thing to do in this niche is to create a blog and give your audience what they want – show them a way to earn money online. And the best way to do it is after you’ve made some money online yourself. This is what I’m doing with this blog.

So, here are some cool sub-niches that you can explore and venture into:

  1. Social Media Marketing – Teaching your audience how to advertise on the world biggest social media networks, and teach them how to use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest etc. to reach their goals. profitable niches in 2018
  2. How To Make Money Online – While it might sound like this is a broad one, it actually isn’t. It’s might be the most profitable one in this niche, and I know many successful blogs that have employed this one and achieved great success. The reason for this is the exact “How to make money online” a term that people type into Google when they want to learn about. Here you can talk about anything, from Fiverr gigs to product creation to affiliate marketing. best profitable niches in 2018
  3. Online Jobs – When people search for ways to make money online, many first think of a real jobs, like online office assistant for example, that they can find online. You can create a blog dedicated to this niche and have great success with it. best profitable niches 2018


This might sound hilarious to some, but dating is an enormous niche, especially because love problems are universal. Every person in every country, in every corner of the world has gone through or is going through a break up of some sorts. And many of them are looking for the solutions to get their ex back, or improve their own dating chances. You won’t believe how developed and big this niche is. profitable niches in 2018

So, here are some cool, big demand sub-niches:

  1. How To Get Your Ex Back – I still can’t believe there are people in this world that would actually go after their exes, knowing that things obviously didn’t work out the first time around. But, that’s none of my business. There are plenty of digital products out there that promise to get you your ex back. So if you think this is a niche you’d like to partake in, be my guest. profitable niches in 2018
  1. How To Save A Relationship – This is a legit and useful one. When a couple is going through some rough time, but don’t want to split up, they’ll be looking, or at least one of them, for advice online on how to save a relationship. If you feel like you can create something to help them, this is a niche for you.
  1. How To Improve Your Sex Life – Alright. This one I can understand. There are people out there who are bored of the ordinary sex and want to take it onto an all new level, either for self pleasure or to please someone else. You can research this one and be creative with it. Might be a gold mine. profitable niches in 2018
  1. Dating Advice – This is usually aimed at men, because ladies generally have no problem with this one. If you feel like you have some valuable knowledge to share on this topic and create a blog or a digital product around it, this is a niche for you. profitable niches in 2018

So there you have it guys. The Big Three plus all of their profitable sub niches for 2018. All of these are sure to stay and aren’t going anywhere.

Now if you’re still unsure of what niche to pick or just doesn’t know how to start your own money making niche website, I strongly urge you to take advantage of the free Wealthy Affiliate training.

Now it’s up to you, your passion, your creativity and your own hard work. Whatever you do, always try to give value, because after all, that’s what everyone else, yourself included, is looking for.

Thanks for reading



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